mandag 27. juni 2011

Sun has turned...

The sun has turned and days are getting shorter..but do we sit and sulk? No, we go out and take more pictures, trying to follow the little chicks we´ve seen as tiny little ones, getting bigger.
Here are samples from the weekend:
A little coot (sothøne), reflecting in the water

My daughters lovely little dog Thea, visiting. Must be the most patient dog in the world

The swans did not like the dog, but thought this angle was  very nice, with the drops of water..

A black headed gull (hettemåke), born earlier this spring, now looking and behaving like one = lot of noice!

A grebe (toppdykker) chick, getting big. But still with the zebra stripes and not the golden colours of the parents.

A headed crow (kråke)

A common pochard(taffeland)

Shelduck (gravand)

Jack Daw (Kaie)

Same Jack Daw (kaie)

Thea at the beach

A northern wheatear (steinskvett)

A young common whitethroat (Tornsanger)
That was opur weekend, if I am mistaken in my bird knowledge, please enlighten me!

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