onsdag 15. juni 2011


 We also went and visited the London Wetlands, and we enjoyed it very much. I was a little disappointed not being able to get a picture of a great spotted woodpecker (flaggspett) but at leats we saw one. And it was a bit surrealistic walking around there, with birds all around, lakes and reeds, planes flying low over our heads and London city very close. But lovely though, we do recommend it!

A lovely duck...who was chatting with us

Another lovely duck..sorry, but do not know what they are.

This is a black swan..

Since I have found my prince, I leave the kissing of frogs to others, but can tell where they are

This horrible coot (sothøne) tried to drown this chick. We dont know if it was hers or someone elses..

Look at this! The poor chick was screaming

Help! Help! (translated from coot´sk)

But the chick was strong and survived..maybe it just made it leave home? 

A reed bunting (sivspurv)

Little grebe (dvergdykker) They puff their feathers up and gather heat from the sun to the bum, before diving.

And here with food for their young one

A heron (Hegre)

A beautiful duck from somewhere in the world..

Nope, dont know this one either..

but this is a hooded merganser (hjelmfiskand)

Not a duck, but highland cattle

Heard about the two antennas getting married?

Wedding was ok, but the reception was great! 

When you look at this picture, it does remind you of the dinosaurs, doesnt it?

Might be a prince...

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