onsdag 15. juni 2011


as from now on I´ll be blogging in English, since I have so many friends in the UK and elsewhere, that do not understand Norwegian.
Ok, back to the point, we´ve just returned from a lovely trip to the UK, where we went to Arundel, a lovely wetland reserve not far from Brighton. Here you can meet foreign birds, migrating birds and local ones. It is a paradise to bird watchers like us, just have a look:

We bought seeds to feed the ducks in the areas where this was permitted

And the ducks were so cute and trustful...

but not all were cute..this is a young moorehen (sivhøne), in his "teens"

one of the foregin ducks

White-headed duck (hvithodeand)

another duck..dont know the name

a blue duck from New Zealand, the only one to find anywhere else but there.

Nuthatch (spettmeis)

the most cute duckling, I thought the little yellow ones only existed in bath...

Long-tailed duck (Havelle) 

Harlequin duck (Harlekinand)

Red-breasted Merganser (siland)

Little Grebe (Dvergdykker) the only solar-panel driven duck :o)

Mallard ducklings (stokkand unger)

a reed warbler (busksanger)

a little grebe, who had been thrown out of the nest the very same day..

A water vole passed by just by the boat we were in

We loved this sign...

a threatened species, the red breasted goose (rødnakkegås)

Scoter (svartand)

Do you think i look crazy? Well, if you had a bad hairday combined with hunger, you´d look like this too!

A lovely pheasant (fasan) adjusting its feathers in the daisy meadows.

Freeze!  Who me?  This is a little pheasant chick.

Rogalands county bird, the lapwing (vipe), represented here by a little young one

a family of Canada Geese (kanadagås)

a little shellduckling (gravandunge)

and here´s the proud mum, mrs Shell-duck (gravand)

Try copy this!  This is a very acrobatic tern (makrellterne)

A little mouse, it did not do so well, so expect it has been food for a bigger bird by now..

A goldfinch! (Stillits) First time in my life i have seen one..

But this one I do know, the chaffinch (bokfink)

A lovely mandarine duck (mandarinand), female that is.

A very hungry mrs Pheasant tries to make the food fall out of the feeder

a vain black neck swan

unknown chicks eating out of Rob´s hands...should I be jealous?

another lovely swan

a Jack daw (kaie)

Lovely birds, and a fantastic visit to Arundel. Do you want to know more about the place, please have a look at their webside 

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