søndag 22. januar 2012

Cold, but lovely winters day

Have been out with my camera again, several places this time, all within a small radius of Stavanger.
Look all the different birds I found:
A huge flock of geese taking off..reason was they thought the tripod was a gun..

Two swans

Tried a picture in B/W, I like it, do you?

I am just SO coot..eh cute..

Ready for landing...

I am just a jailbird, though my story´s seldom told

A lovely readwing (rødvinge trost), could not get a better picture, too many peolpe walking by

This was a surprise and a treat..and a proof of how mild the winter has been
Not often we see wren (gjerdesmett) during the winter

An all time favorite, Robin (Rødstrupe) 

søndag 8. januar 2012


First time out with the camera this year, and not many birds out there. Maybe because I was hoping for some vaders, but the storms in Norway lately has ruined the beaches and left them looking like a war zone.
even today, although the wearther was fairly good, the sea was very rough, So the only thing I found was som very tough surfers.

On my way back home, I passed a field where I found approx 100 bewick swans, lovely birds.

søndag 1. januar 2012

New years eve 2012

Well my friends, we have started a new photo year, and 365 days are laying ahead, ready for us to be used for whatever purpose we choose.
I will use 2012 to learn more and become a better photographer. But even if the pictures here are not of birds, i will stick to them this year too. But I wanted to try something new, and since getting a picture of firework is a challenge, I simply could not resist. All the pictures are taken through rainy windows, in my daughter and her boyfriends house, just outside Bergen. Please say what you think.

Happy new year all of you!