søndag 16. desember 2012

I have just been on a 2 weeks trips to Tenerife, the island where I lived for many years. I also went for 2 days over to Gran Canary. Here are some of my holiday memories. 

mandag 27. august 2012

new weekend - new pictures

This weekend has been relatively ok weatherwise. And of course, the camera and I have been out, looking for object to immortalize. And this is what we´ve found: 

am very satisfied with this one, as I do not really hava a macro lense

A swan in the gras...did she think she was a sheep??

The smalles bird in Norway, the goldcrest/fuglekonge, only 5 grams! 

A lovely great tit/kjøttmeis, trying to blend in

Not enirely sure what this is....

A turnstone/steinvende and the rough sea

a dunlin/myrsnipe prctising for...??

the tursntone/steinvende hiding from the wind

Are you looking at me? A young ringed plover/sandlo

A dunlin/myrsnipe trying to get som rest

A sanderling/sandløper trying to rest

a young dunlin/myrsnipe

søndag 12. august 2012

11-12. August

HAve been out a lot lately, and have seen lots of interesting bird. Not all my captures are good, but some are just to prove that I have actually seen the birds..in the wild :-)