torsdag 29. september 2011

From the latest trip to England and Wales

We´ve been over to the UK and have done some birdwatching. WWT Slimbridge, Carphylly Castle in Wales, RSPB in Pulborough are some of the places we visited. But I think the greatest experience was seeing the red kites just off the A40, junction 5, outside Chris´café.
Hope you like the samples.

mandag 19. september 2011

birds of pray and others..

THis weekend was not the greatest when it comes to quality pictures, but it was so amazing seeing different birds of prey..some I never seen before.
Here are samples of my weekend:

søndag 11. september 2011


Last weekend rained away, this one has been a bit better. I managed to get out both Saturday and Sunday, and captured some pictures of the vaders visiting us now, on their way south. Mainly young birds.
Laying flat, playing dead gives you pictures like this, where the bird is coming towards you. A real treat for a photographer.

Close up of the same bird, a ringed plover (sandlo)

This sanderling (sandløper) nearly ran out of the picture..

A dunlin (myrsnipe)

A young stoneturner (Steinvender)