mandag 30. juli 2012


July is coming to an end, and I spent the last Sunday out taking pictures. These ones are taken with a different lense. But am satisfied with the outcome though.
I just love the crested grebe/toppdykker

A primeshot of the same bird

As my neighbour went on holiday, he left these to as guards, and cleaning the moss of the roof at the same time

They were very loud performing their task...screaming for almost one hour!

A common snipe /enkeltbekkasin

Same common snipe/samme enkeltbekkasin

And again...

And a last one

Artistic picture of a thistle

A northern wheatear/steinskvett

A juvenile curlew/storspove taking a leap 

Another angle

Juvenile starlings/stær

This little fellow came very close to where I was sitting, and began to cuddle the sea weed there, oblivious to the company

Same fellow...but not enough for a coat, so..

A merganser/siland on a rock

And a bee on the thistle
Hope you´ve enjoyed the selection.

søndag 15. juli 2012

14 and 15 July

Ok, the bible tell us about 40 days and 40 nights of Norway, we call it summer! That sums up the week, but it does not stop me fgrom going out. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. And yesterday was not too bad, some rayes of sunshine found its way down to us.
I finally managed to see and take a picture of a goldfinch/stillits wild in Norway. Only seen them in the Uk before

I think they are gorgeous.

A lapwing/vipe

I think this is a redshank/rødstilk, but legs are not very orange..? 

This is definately a redshank/rødstilk, see, legs a more orange here.


A lovely bar-tailed godwit/lappspove

My chicks are getting big, this is the oystercatcherchick

and this is the lapwing/vipe chick

A lovely young barn swallow/låvesvale

A red admiral/rød admiral

This is a chirpingmeadow pipit/heipiplerke

søndag 8. juli 2012

8 July 2012

A lovely Sunday, nice and sunny, and a big change from what we´ve had lately. So I went early to get some pictures before the heat could destroy them for me. This is what I got:
A common tern /rødnebb terne

primeshot of the tern

A dunlin /myrsnipe having a bath

THis is a young oystercatcher/tjeld

Same oystercatcher /tjeld, but from another angle

These are the little lapwing /vipe chicks, but as you can see, growing

The terns sitting on the poles

lørdag 7. juli 2012


If you think I have not been active and out taking pictures, you are wrong.
Here´s the proof:
Som young eiders/erfulger

A very young meadow pipit /heipiplerke

A young swallow/svale

A little lapwing/vipe

Wild hare on the move

A wagtail/Linerle having a windy moment..

Angry bird? No, just a starling/Stær

A little wheatear/steinskvett

A wild hare

This happened on my neighbours garage roof..the seagull trying to swallow the magpie one piece!

It looked awful, but this is nature, survival of the fittest

A young coot/sothøne

Difficult to see, it was also pouring, but there is a little head just behind the mothers neck.

Come to mama for dinner! Great crested grebe/toppdykker

A great crested grebe chick /Toppdykker 

Female mallard/stokkand

Primeshot of a female mallard/stokkand

A lovely bird, a bartailed godwit /Svarthalespove

To me this little chick (Lapwing/vipe) looks like a lady holding up her long skirts

A pipit? or a lark?

A starling on a pole , I just love the colours on them