lørdag 7. juli 2012


If you think I have not been active and out taking pictures, you are wrong.
Here´s the proof:
Som young eiders/erfulger

A very young meadow pipit /heipiplerke

A young swallow/svale

A little lapwing/vipe

Wild hare on the move

A wagtail/Linerle having a windy moment..

Angry bird? No, just a starling/Stær

A little wheatear/steinskvett

A wild hare

This happened on my neighbours garage roof..the seagull trying to swallow the magpie chick..in one piece!

It looked awful, but this is nature, survival of the fittest

A young coot/sothøne

Difficult to see, it was also pouring, but there is a little head just behind the mothers neck.

Come to mama for dinner! Great crested grebe/toppdykker

A great crested grebe chick /Toppdykker 

Female mallard/stokkand

Primeshot of a female mallard/stokkand

A lovely bird, a bartailed godwit /Svarthalespove

To me this little chick (Lapwing/vipe) looks like a lady holding up her long skirts

A pipit? or a lark?

A starling on a pole , I just love the colours on them

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