lørdag 24. desember 2011

Christmas eve

It is christmas eve, the meat is cooking (typical norwegian xmas dinner coming up in a couple of hours) church has been visited and the peace is entering my home. But my little friends have not been forgotten, they have special xmas food too, served in a star and a xmas tree :-)
And these little ones were spotted this morning, some in the garden, some at Hafrsfjord.

Have a merry christmas everyone!

Robin in the tree /Rødstrupe

Testing the seed under the bird table

Sparrow /spurv med soloppgang bak 

Mrs Blackbird /Svarttrost

Robin again

A cormorant /en flott storskarv leter etter mat ved Hafrsfjord

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søndag 18. desember 2011


At this time of year most of the birds have gone somewhere warmer, but we do have some left, and when it gets cold it is very important to feed them. Thats what I did today, and was rewarded vith the visit of several species. All the pictures are taken through dirty windows :-)

onsdag 7. desember 2011


Just came back after a lovely weekend to England and Wales, and while there we spent one entire day at Slimbridge WWT. If you have never been, its highly recommended!
Here are some of the birds we saw, but stressing that the ducks living there has been photographed before, therefor i tried to get the other wild ones.

A rook/ en kaie

A blackhooded gull/ hettemåke

A treecreeper/trekryper

A flock of starlings/en flokk med stær

Rooks roosting in a tree/Kaier i solnedgang

mute swan in sunset/svane i solnedgang

A great tit/ kjøttmeis

A grey squirrel/ ett amerikansk ekorn

A greenfinch in a trunk/ grønnfink i en trestamme

A favorite of mine:goldfinch!/ En favoritt, stillits!

Longtail tit/stjertmeis

A little english longtail tit/en engelsk stjertmeis (de er litt annen farge en våre)

A wood duck arranging its bautiful feathers/ en brudeand fikser på fjærene

A swan on a mission /svane på tokt