søndag 29. april 2012

Sunday 29.april

A lovely day today, sunny and not much wind. Went out to look for bearded tits, but met someone who told me where to find a grey wagtail AND the dipper! The latter very high up on my wish list, and being Norways national bird, I was hoping for a very good shot..judge yourselves.

lørdag 28. april 2012

Saturday 28.april

After a slow start, the sun finally won over the rain and the wind blew the cliuds away. And off I went with my camera. This is todays catch:

tirsdag 24. april 2012

Sunday 22.april

This was a very rainy Sunday, so all the birds were so wet, poor little things...
An eider (ærfugl), this was before the rain started. 

Bartailed godwit (svarthalespove) 

Lapwing (vipe)

A very wet robin (rødstrupe)

A very cold and wet wagtail (linerle)

And the oystercatcher (tjeld)

A curlew (storspove)

søndag 15. april 2012

Sunday 15.april

Today has been a typical April day, with all sorts of weather, rain, hale, sun and all the time the biting cold wind from the north. But I went down to Mosvannet, to see what i could find, and at least i managed to get some good shots of one of my favorite birds, the great crested grebe (toppdykker)
A bad hairday...

Looking for this lovely male calling..(from my Iphone..)
Love is in the air...black headed gulls(hettemåker)

A tufted duck (toppand)

Sea gull (måke)

Practising ballet...young seagull (ung måke)

lørdag 7. april 2012


A bluetit in flight

Just 100 metres from where my daughter lives, there is a wood...and I found all these birds there in just 30 minutes!

This is a greater spotted woodpecker. Awsome when he looks straight into the camera.

A fantastisk bird...

Flying away with som "take away" food

A fieldfare

I tried to use the soundeffects on my phone to attract this one..and it worked! A nuthatch made my day.