søndag 15. april 2012

Sunday 15.april

Today has been a typical April day, with all sorts of weather, rain, hale, sun and all the time the biting cold wind from the north. But I went down to Mosvannet, to see what i could find, and at least i managed to get some good shots of one of my favorite birds, the great crested grebe (toppdykker)
A bad hairday...

Looking for this lovely male calling..(from my Iphone..)
Love is in the air...black headed gulls(hettemåker)

A tufted duck (toppand)

Sea gull (måke)

Practising ballet...young seagull (ung måke)

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  1. Fine bilder der jeg synes nr 2 var klart best, en vakker og fargerik fugl.