mandag 28. mai 2012

26-18.may 2012

It has been a lovely long weekend, hot weather and relax, but of course i had to go out with my camera. I must say that the heat became a problem around noon, so the pictures are taken before noon, or late afternoon, to manage to get them sharp.
Here is a selection of what I have seen:
Heipiplerke/meadow pipit

tror dette er en steinskvett / i think this is a wheatear
Heipiplerke /meadow pipit





Syngende gulspurv/singing yellowhammer 
Green-veien white

en ung skjeggmeis/a young bearded tit

En syngende svarttrost/ a singing balckbird

En liten andunge/a m´small ducklin

Sothøne på reir/Coot on her nest

Svartbak som synger falskt? Ref realsjonen til de andre../maybe this black baack is totally out of tune? Judging from the reaction of the other.

Portrett av en andemor, fru Stokkand /portrait of mother duck, Mrs Mallard

Nei, jeg er ikke sur, bare en sulten liten spurv/ No, I am not grumpy, just a hungry little sparrow

Toppdykker i ettermiddagssol / Creasted grebe in the afternoon sun

Hettemåke på reir /black headed gull on her nest

Hettemåke /black headed gull

nå kan du ikke se meg.../no you cant see me anymore..

Tror dette er en stokkand, men Ketil hr ikke grønt hode, men flott lilla../ I think this is a mallard, but am a bit uncertain due to the purple coloured head

En syngende sivsanger / a chirping reed warbler

Samme sivsanger i profil /same reed warble in perfil

onsdag 23. mai 2012

19.mai 2012.

Finally a weekend at home in Bergen, to celebrate a lot of things, my daughters engagement, the Norwegian national day, and life itself :-)
And of course, I had to try to get some pictures, and these are taken by our cabin out in Øygarden, just outside Bergen, in the western part.
A lot of oystercatcher (Tjeld) pictures first. I liked the pattern behind the bird here.

He is not trying to kill himself...
Just having a lovely and refreshing bath :-)

A heron (hegre) 

A warbler (gransanger) singing happily from the highest pine tree

Looking for birs can sometimes be a wild goose chase, but this time i found them, the gees (grå gås) that is, greylegged.

A crulew (storspove) flying by, making his caracteristic noise.

The starlings (stær) had made their nest in a boathouse, and managed to capture them flying in with food. Did  not stay long as I did not want to disturb them happy family.

tirsdag 15. mai 2012

13.mai 2012

I had to go back and check on the dipper..maybe this was the day when I got the perfect picture? Or a closeup of the fledglings? I got both, so I was happy :-)
I also got some pictures at Reve, but there are not many sea birds around at present.
It´s very wet being a little juvenile dipper...

hungry juvenile bird down to the left, as parent is resting on the stick. 

Lovely bird

Two of the young ones still in the nest, I recon they were 4 or 5 in total

Resting on the stick again

2 young ones

I´m so vain... a black headed segull looking at her own reflection..suppose it must be a her...?

O sole mio.....(translated from seagullsk..)

Close up of a sparrow on the beach

A grey wagtail
Closer look on the wagtail 

oh bite me.... eider you fight or you dont!
We are the champions...!!!

Legg til bildetekst

The curlew seen in perfil

pure art...made by mother nature.

The last springflowers....