tirsdag 15. mai 2012

13.mai 2012

I had to go back and check on the dipper..maybe this was the day when I got the perfect picture? Or a closeup of the fledglings? I got both, so I was happy :-)
I also got some pictures at Reve, but there are not many sea birds around at present.
It´s very wet being a little juvenile dipper...

hungry juvenile bird down to the left, as parent is resting on the stick. 

Lovely bird

Two of the young ones still in the nest, I recon they were 4 or 5 in total

Resting on the stick again

2 young ones

I´m so vain... a black headed segull looking at her own reflection..suppose it must be a her...?

O sole mio.....(translated from seagullsk..)

Close up of a sparrow on the beach

A grey wagtail
Closer look on the wagtail 

oh bite me.... eider you fight or you dont!
We are the champions...!!!

Legg til bildetekst

The curlew seen in perfil

pure art...made by mother nature.

The last springflowers....

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