onsdag 23. mai 2012

19.mai 2012.

Finally a weekend at home in Bergen, to celebrate a lot of things, my daughters engagement, the Norwegian national day, and life itself :-)
And of course, I had to try to get some pictures, and these are taken by our cabin out in Øygarden, just outside Bergen, in the western part.
A lot of oystercatcher (Tjeld) pictures first. I liked the pattern behind the bird here.

He is not trying to kill himself...
Just having a lovely and refreshing bath :-)

A heron (hegre) 

A warbler (gransanger) singing happily from the highest pine tree

Looking for birs can sometimes be a wild goose chase, but this time i found them, the gees (grå gås) that is, greylegged.

A crulew (storspove) flying by, making his caracteristic noise.

The starlings (stær) had made their nest in a boathouse, and managed to capture them flying in with food. Did  not stay long as I did not want to disturb them happy family.

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