mandag 30. juli 2012


July is coming to an end, and I spent the last Sunday out taking pictures. These ones are taken with a different lense. But am satisfied with the outcome though.
I just love the crested grebe/toppdykker

A primeshot of the same bird

As my neighbour went on holiday, he left these to as guards, and cleaning the moss of the roof at the same time

They were very loud performing their task...screaming for almost one hour!

A common snipe /enkeltbekkasin

Same common snipe/samme enkeltbekkasin

And again...

And a last one

Artistic picture of a thistle

A northern wheatear/steinskvett

A juvenile curlew/storspove taking a leap 

Another angle

Juvenile starlings/stær

This little fellow came very close to where I was sitting, and began to cuddle the sea weed there, oblivious to the company

Same fellow...but not enough for a coat, so..

A merganser/siland on a rock

And a bee on the thistle
Hope you´ve enjoyed the selection.

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