søndag 5. august 2012

First weekend in August

Weekend again, and this time I have both been at the beach and around Mosvannet, the lake in Stavanger. And I have pictured rare birds and little birds. Its amazing what one can do with an Iphone!
A sandpiper

Not sure, but think this is tha white-rumped Sandpiper/bonapartesnipe

A juveline wagtail/linerle

A bar-tailed godwit/lappspove

This is definately the rare white-rumped sandpiper /bonapartesnipe

Another shot of the bar-tailes godwit/lappspove

Seagull/måke posing for me

Unknown juveline bird

A redshank / rødstilk

The redshank/rødstilk in flight

Same redshank/rødstilk

A juvenile crested grebe/toppdykker

The ugly duckling

Blue tit in flight/flygende blåmeis

Nuthatch/spettmeis, thanks to sound on my Iphone

Treecreeper/trekryper, also thanks to my Iphone.

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