fredag 15. juni 2012

June already...

Its been a while without new pictures, but time just flies! And I prefer being out there with the birds, taking pictures, than inside in front of the sorry :-)
But here are som of my latest pictures:
A lovely swallow/svale sitting in a tree by Mosvannet

Mother Goose Mallard/stokkand

Baby Mallard /stokkand

A favorite, great crested grebe/toppdykker

A mallard / stokkand baby but older than the first one

A lapwing/vipe by the beach at Nærland

A wheatear/ steinskvett couple looking after their nestlings

A mother and child, wagtail/linerle at feeding time 
young wagtail /linerle waiting for food

A rook /kornkråke

A fieldfare /gråtrost in my garden

A lovely oystercatcher/tjeld at Reve in bad weather

A redshank /rødstilk 

A black headed gull/hettemåke

The day was grey and very windy = big waves..

A reed bunting /sivspurv singing 

A skylark /sanglerke

A gull /måke nesting

Lovely pose by the curlew/ storspove

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  1. Mange fine bilder fra et variert utvalg, synes nr.4 var best.