søndag 22. januar 2012

Cold, but lovely winters day

Have been out with my camera again, several places this time, all within a small radius of Stavanger.
Look all the different birds I found:
A huge flock of geese taking off..reason was they thought the tripod was a gun..

Two swans

Tried a picture in B/W, I like it, do you?

I am just SO coot..eh cute..

Ready for landing...

I am just a jailbird, though my story´s seldom told

A lovely readwing (rødvinge trost), could not get a better picture, too many peolpe walking by

This was a surprise and a treat..and a proof of how mild the winter has been
Not often we see wren (gjerdesmett) during the winter

An all time favorite, Robin (Rødstrupe) 

1 kommentar:

  1. Så mye du kom over på turen din Irene.
    Veldig fine og i et fint lys.
    Bilde 1 var artigt med så mange gjess.