søndag 3. juli 2011

Rainy weekend in Stavanger

Nobody can say summer is here, because it is mainly raining and cloudy all the time. But yesterday was OK, a couple of hours, before the heavy rain started. And today was grey and wet, but nice for photographing.
Enjoy my new pictures. Have tried to be more adventurous, don't know how well I have succeeded. 
A little sparrow fledgling

Mrs Greenfinch in the hedge

A housesparrow

Very angry Mr Greenfinch

Great tit in the sun

An Admiral on the Jasmin

A bumble bee on the jasmin

A moorhen walking on the water

A young coot

Black headed gull

Fieldfare with a mouthful of worm

A grebe

Another coot

A young lapwing

Another grebe

And another young coot

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