mandag 1. august 2011

Finally, lovely weather, tall ships and pretty birds

"My" ship, Statsraad Lemkuhl, from Bergen.  

Flags blowing in the wind, showing tall ship races has reached Stavanger

 This weekend we´ve had lovely weather. Sun did not come out until after midday, but it came! And we could enjoy Tallship races and bird :o)
A young willow warbler (løvsanger) found its way to our garden yesterday, a real treat for sore eyes

A  ring plover (sandlo) at Håland beach. 

A couple of bar-tailed Godwits (lappspover)

 A ringed plover and an oyster catcher (Sandlo og tjeld)

A very young wagtail (linerle)

And a tresparrow (pilfink)

And as a norwegian, indulge me som patriotisme...we have such a beautiful flag!

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