søndag 28. august 2011

Finally new pictures!

Unfortunately the weather has been awful, but today we just had to get out and try to find something that moved. Managed to get some pictures from Revtangen, but wind was getting up, so strong that keeping the camera still was a difficult task. So we had to leave, and as we did, the rain started too. But her are some of the ones I took.
This is the lovely rose, Rob is growing in hos garden, called Irene´s rose

A bar tailed Godwit (Lappspove) at Revtangen

A close up of the bar tailed Godwit

A dunlin (myrsnipe)

The ringed Plover (sandlo)

A  juvenile ringed plover (Sandlo)

A little Stint (Dvergsnipe) 

The little stint has got his lunch

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