søndag 7. august 2011

A fantastic Saturday, both weather and birdwise

Early Saturday morning I was woken by a strange light...and when I realized it was the sun, I jumped out of bed and got into my car, so that I could be early on the beach. Went to Hå and Nærland, and the following pictures is what I found. It was, in my opinion, a successful day.
I got really close to this common snipe (enkeltbekkasin), and for me that is a first, so now I can cross out a new specie, iiihaa!

A lovely Redhank (rødstilk) looking out over the sea..or is it at me?

Must have been me...since he flew off..

But found another, this one with one leg! But he seemed to manage fine.

A beautiful red knot (polarssnipe)

A dunlin (myrsnipe) looking for food

Are they not gorgeous?

And here i caught a singing whinchat (buskskvett)

A fantastic warbler, that I got many good shots of, think it is a reed warbler (busksanger) but am not sure.

A ringed plover (sandlo)

A flying lapwing (vipe)

Do you like my art? Is the reflection of the surroundings, in the water...

A big rooster (hane), just to prove how early I was up..

This is a common sandpiper (strandsnipe), if I am not mistaken. Another first for me!!

A ringed plover again.

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