lørdag 26. januar 2013

Saturday 26 January

TIday was a very cold and univiting day outside, but I thought that I could get some cool pictures in the rought weather. Here´s the result so you can judge yourself if I achieved my goal:

A young swan in the cold water, while its snowing and windy...

The heron (hegre) standing up against the wind, hoping for a snack

Same heron, but he had to turn away from the biting wind...

In the end he had to give in and fly to where the wind was not so strong

Dont mock me for the hairdo! The merganser (siland) struggeled in the whipping wawes

Swimming to find shelter..or was i fish?

Even a crow struggeled in the wind..

But these guys loved the waves, saw about 10-12 of these vikings, as I sat safely and warm in my car. 

The seagulls loved windsurfing...

Fantastic waves, I love watching them from a safe distance

I like to try to find different motives, and structures in my pictures, as here, with the foaming sea and the seagull

Straight over the waves..

Another shot of the same bird

An eider (ærfugl) swimming where the water is not so rough

Kind of like these pictures showing the foaming waves and the bird flying straight over.

This shows how uninviting the day was...

A couple of mallards (stokkender)

This was a big first for me, a hawfinch (kjernebiter)!! They are abolutely gorgeous!!!



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