lørdag 19. januar 2013

Saturday 19 January

I went to look for a kingfisher, but first I found the Norwegian national bird, the dipper (fossekall)

I adore this guy, diving to find food all year round, the ice on the edges shows how cold it was today

He is just so elegang

Then I found this lovely waterrail (vannrikse) For me its a first in the wild

It was great to get pictures of this bird, which is the same size approx as a black bird..

Also a beatiful bird, perfectly adapted for this environment


Walking on the edge of the ice..

Diving dipper...ipressing skills

Another shot of him diving

Left the inland and went to the sea, where the gulls where in great numbers

I love this picture. You have to make it big so you can see the anger on the gulls face and the cheaky smile on the merganser (siland)

Cormorants (skarv) in flight mode
Foodfight!! Between the cormorant and the gull. The cormorant dived for it, but had to fight the gull...

He won the fight by swallowing the fich, look at his thick throat!!

Not so elegant when seen from behind coming in for landing, but I kind of liked the picture anyhow

another picture of the merganser

closer shot of a cormorant

oops, he dived!

Portrait of an eider (ærfugl)

Mrs Merganser

Look how far back the legs are, tipical for birds who live the entire life at sea

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