søndag 4. mars 2012

First Sunday in March

I went down to Mosvannet, a little lake in Stavanger. Was most interested in the small birds, and they led me to this beaty: a lesser spotted woodpecker! (Dvergspett)

Isn´t it beatiful?

Birds have started to sing now, and I found the little siskins (sisik) in the tree tops

And of course, the lovely chaffinch (bokfink) 

Close up of a mallard (stokkand) who just came out of the water

Finally a bird I have tried to take a picture of for a long time, but they are small and shy..the wren (gjerdesmett)

Another shot of the lovely bird

Wood pigeon (ringdue)

A greenfinch (grønnfink) singing away
A tuifted duck (toppand) trying to arrange its feathers in the wind

One of my favorites, the grebe (toppdykker) I am not sure if she is just young or if she still has her winter suit on and therefore is so much whiter than him.

A blackbird (svarttrost) in a tree

A grebe (toppdykker) resting

Then I found this one, another pecker. I think it is still the lesser spotted one, even if I spotted it :-)

Pecking away on a tree

This is a female because the red "hat" is missing
And then she took off... but what a lovely Sunday walk!

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