søndag 17. mars 2013

16 & 17 March 2013

Its been a great weekend, with lots of signs that spring is coming.
And I have also seen a golden eage for the first time in my life!! Gosh, what a big bird that is. And I have also had a reencounter with another favorite of mine: the LTT (long tailes tit)
A golden eagel /kongeørn waiting for the "right" one

A whopper swan /sangsvane

A common merganser/ laksand defending his territory

A lucky mallars /stokkand trying to get away with a pice of bread

Sign of spring: Skylark/sanglerke!

close up of the common merganser feamale /laksand hunn

A goldeneye /kvinand taking off

Another shot of the same take off

And here he is, mr Goldeneye/kvinand himself! 

Oh, I´ve got an itch! Male merganser/ laksand hann

Same male merganser having a bath
Oh, what a lovely bath!!

One of my favorites: the LTT, stjertmeis

Still trying to get the good picture of the Dipper/fossekall


søndag 24. februar 2013

Weekend 22-24 February 2013

A white-winged scoter /sjøorre just emerging from his dive

A female red-breasted merganser / siland

The scoter again :)

This is just to show you the beautiful landscape where I took the pictures

A juvenile mew gull /fikse måke

Before you ask: No, I was not the one giving this cormorant /storskarv grey hair!

A hodded crow /kråke

Another cormorant /storskarv

And the he came up with a huge fish!!! 

A goldcrest /fuglekonge

Blue tit /blåmeis

Coal tit /svartmeis

Three whooper swans /sangsvaner trying to do some synconized flying

Found a field full of fieldfares /gråtrost today, spring is on its way!

Look to the camera please!

Norways national bird - the ipper /fossekall

Every bird needs to eat!
Ah, its dinnertime!!

Can you see me in between the reeds? I am a wren /gjerdesmett

onsdag 6. februar 2013

2nd and 6th of February

I have been out againd, on Saturday I was totally spellbound by a lovely red squirrel, and today what I got was a heron /hegre, a cormorant/ skarv and some seagulls. Hope you like them

torsdag 31. januar 2013

31st January

Lovely day for taking pictures today, or what do you thing, judging ny the results?